mercoledì 4 marzo 2009

lenka, the ethereal songstress from australia.

there once was a little girl. she was born in the bush.
her parents called her lenka. her first friends were trees.
her father played the trumpet, she sang with him when she was 6.
she grew up a bit. they moved to the big city (sydney).
she went to school. she danced a bit. she acted a bit.
she went to art college. she started to sing a bit more…
she joined a band called decoder ring.
they created an album called somersault,
which was the soundtrack to a feature film called somersault.
it won lots of awards. she got called things like an “ethereal songstress”
a “pocket rocket” and “breathy, strangely haunting.”
she flew on a plane and landed in los angeles.
she hid away in studios and emerged with new songs.

i'm totally in love with her image, tailor made on her,
thanks to a great artist as james gulliver hancock.

soon a post dedicated to him.

lunedì 2 marzo 2009

debi treloar a sweet photographer, from london.

originally from zimbabwe, debi studied art then photography.
she has lived and worked in london for the last 15 years.

debi has worked on publications ranging from
elle décor uk, italy, germany, france and japan to red,
olive and idfx magazine.
she has produced the photographs for
over 30 books on interiors and food that have been published
across the globe in different languages including
a series of french cookery books.
she did the food photography for a series
in the sunday times for a year with tom conran
as well as working for a host of commercial clients.

dritto e rovescio, a 'textile design art' exibition in milan.

from 24/02 up to 29/03
there’s such an interesting exibition called DRITTO e ROVESCIO.

the weave of the fabric is the metaphor that lends itself
to expressing relations in narrative art, music, logic, in societies, science.
DRITTO e ROVESCIO links separate areas
like art, design, science and the work of individuals
around a table in a bar or at home in front of the television.

performance, photographs, installations and videos
from around 30 artists from all over the word.