giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

tim walker, my favourite photographer.

he's absolutely my favourite.
he's completely "cicabum"!
i go mad about his style, the way he approches lighting, places, beauty.

he's based in london.
he has been richard avedon's assistant in NY.

he contributes to high-profile magazines
including Vogue, W and Harper‘s Bazaar.

my way going to work.


mercoledì 29 ottobre 2008

martedì 28 ottobre 2008

jek in the box. from LA.

i knew that, before or after,
i'd have add some picts of her lifestyle.
she's eclectic... art crafter, creative, photographer.
she's full of life, she's such an interesting person.

she lives in LA. i don't love particularly LA
but i would really come back just to meet her, someday.
enjoy jek in the box.

venerdì 24 ottobre 2008

cari ann wayman, a young photographer from illinois.

she's only 20 y.o.
she's able to create a rarefied atmosphere with her pictures.
enjoy her style!

giovedì 23 ottobre 2008

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

nyc. oh, what a store!

i adore the website. it's absolutely amazing!

james merrell, british photographer.

thanks, james!
you make me feel good watching your picts!

r u interest in his work?
check the rest out on james's site.

martedì 21 ottobre 2008

max and his sweet art.

max unblocks himself making tales for his little son.
so he creates his own world.
i adore it. it's full of passion, love, sweetness.

whenever davide will be able to appreciate,
i'm sure he will be really touched.

frances j melhop, new zealand photographer.

frances's such a nice person, she's an illustrator, a photographer, a poetess.
she's in love with story tales.
she seems like a witty elf came out from a fairy book.
i'm offering you the chance to have a look of some work of her.
but it's just a slice of what she does.

lunedì 20 ottobre 2008

vintage fair in belgioioso.

inside & outside.
this year the fair was really interesting, more than ever.
davide enjoyed a lot touching everything he was able to
and even winning a big frog's heart!

such a nice sunny sunday.

francesca moscheni, italian photographer.

she has such a lovely and feminine taste...

venerdì 17 ottobre 2008