lunedì 27 aprile 2009

milan, the city of design. omaggio al fuori salone.

max tests every kind of chair.
nice people all around: roberta is the first!
foscarini takes you into a kaleidoscope
and you feel like a baby watching something for the first time.
superstudiopiù is simply a perfect location: mooi is my favourite.
richard ginori makes you feel sorry to be born too late. better the thirties.
fabio novembre keeps you in touch
with darkness, red flowers, drowings and thoughts about life, war, spaces.
he's quite a genius. even davide appreciates a lot.

i can say it's the first time i'm so proud to be not only italian, but milanese.
this is the best "fuori salone" of all.
probabily not anyone knows that every year in milan there's such an amazing melting pot week
where fashion, design, architecture, nice international faces are mixed up.
i felt into that and i wanna show you some picts.
they'r taken by my i-phone,
they'r not so cool but i hope they will show milan enough,
during these crazy and inspiring days.

martedì 14 aprile 2009

a tribute to one "personal jesus" of mine.

let me introduce you: rob kalin, the founder of etsy!

RHLS, a modern way to create handmade clothes. from brooklin.

they specialize in super quality, handmade apparel, made by the designers r.mackswell sherman, and sarah jones in redhook, brooklyn. their studio sits sea side, complete with a glimmering view of the statue of liberty, right across the water providing them with hope.

theye like to keep it small, ethical and homegrown. no outsourcing their labor overseas or even out of state (its all done under one roof). they use salvaged materials, dead stock from manufacturers, or vintage sweatshirts, and vintage cotton products as their source fabric.

they are part of a wonderful business model called parachute, (a new project by the founder of theye are exploring ways to help cottage industry pioneers take their business to the next level and compete with mainstream fashion/production industry by providing subsidies and educational opportunities. by supporting RHLS your are supporting the future of handmade industry.

to buy their own stuff, go on etsy, of course!

giovedì 2 aprile 2009

elen eusdin, photographer from paris.

when a photographer meets fabrics.

77, rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

+ 33 6 09 52 36 94