martedì 16 giugno 2009

talya baldwin, illustrator from uk.

talya has been working as an artist and illustrator
ever since graduating from saint martin's college, london,
with an MA in communication design.
her work is a mixture of observational drawing,
text and elements from her imagination.
she uses whatever materials are available,
and like finding interesting surfaces to draw on,
such as old envelopes and lining paper.

lunedì 15 giugno 2009

alex mcleod, 3d artist from canada.

alex uses a number of 3D programs,
three or four in total for each artwork.
some programs are good for sculpting,
some for fluid simulation others for rendering.
he believes that it is possible to achieve similar results
with many of the leading software manufacturers releases.

mcleod is working part-time in museums
and as a free lance 3D graphic designer.
his 3D artworks are pretty romantic,
i like them so much!
his first solo exhibition will take place in
the switch contemporary gallery,
until 5 july 2009.
(2217 dundas west, toronto)

venerdì 12 giugno 2009

floria sigismondi, photographer and director from canada.

floria sigismondi (born 1965 in pescara, italy)
is a photographer and director.
apart from her art exhibitions she is best known for directing
music videos for christina aguilera, muse, the white stripes,
david bowie, sheryl crow, the cure, björk, amon tobin and marilyn manson.
Broken Boy Soldier

her parents were opera singers.
her family, including her sister antonella, moved to
hamilton, ontario, canada when she was two.
in her childhood she became obsessed by drawing and painting.
from 1987 she studied painting and illustration
at the ontario college of art & design.
when she took a photography course,
she became obsessed once more,
and graduated with a photography major.
floria Sigismondi started a career as a fashion photographer.
she came to directing music videos when she was approached
by the production company the revolver flm co.,
and directed music videos for a number of canadian bands.
her very innovative, but also very disturbing video works,
located in sceneries she once described as
"entropic underworlds inhabited by tortured souls and omnipotent beings",
attracted a number of very prominent musicians.
with her photography and sculpture installations
she had solo exhibitions around the world.
her photographs also were included in numerous group exhibitions.

in October 2004 she gave birth to a daughter, tosca.
the father is her husband living things frontman lillian berlin.
floria resides in toronto and new york.

venerdì 5 giugno 2009

kalimera, holistic communication from italy.

kalimera is a communication agency, making
graphic art, video, multimedia and interior design.
they'r based in reggio emilia, italy.

it's a team of people who share the idea that communication
is not subdivisible into watertight compartments,
that's why they work on different layers.
everytime they do something,
the result is beautiful, fresh, young,
memorable, let me say.
i'll let u appreciate some extracts of their work,
but i suggest u to go straight on their website.
Up to September the 30th
there's an exibitions in their city, reggio emilia:
it's a tactile experience, have a look.

giovedì 4 giugno 2009

david fullarton, mixed media artist from ca.

david fullarton is a scottish born, san francisco based artist.
he keeps notebooks filled with scraps of paper,
scribbled phrases, and other ephemera that he incorporates into his artwork.
these elements represent the often overlooked stuff of daily life,
which is the root of fullarton’s inspiration.
he sees beauty in the ways people manage to find joy
and meaning in the minutiae.

he paints vibrantly complex canvases whose elements
jumble and mix together in a facsimile of modern life.
he compliments these with smaller mixed media drawings on paper.
these paper works are sometimes the genesis of the finished paintings,
but are more often stand-alone vignettes
featuring forlorn characters who find themselves in compromising situations.

mercoledì 3 giugno 2009

rebecca thuss, pure style from brooklyn.

rebecca thuss is a photo-stylist, creative director,
wedding designer and crafter.
she delights in throwing parties, has a passion for packaging,
a weakness for fanciful candy and confections,
and an infatuation with vintage paper items.
she's got... ahhh... such a taste!

i'm just sad, twice:
#1 'cause i'm not enough rich to call her for my wedding day...
#2 'cause...ops, i'm still married!

anyway... she can help you for your parties, for your wed day.
and over!

raphaël vicenzi, a graphic designer from belgium.

his name is raphaël and he's a self-taught illustrator.
he lives in brussels, belgium.
he has been featured in illusive2,
fashion wonderland, idea design, computer arts,
advanced photoshop and others.

i personally love his way!

find him on behance.