mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

donna wilson, designer from uk

donna wilson is one of the uk’s
most notable young designers.
she has produced work that ranges from
colourful knitted textiles
to characterful furniture designs.
inspired by her childhood growing up
in the scottish countryside,
donna opened her studio in 2003 and now produces
hand made products that she sells
to independent retailers all around the world.
this post is dedicated two a couple of friend of mine (mat&sarah),
'cause i know they appreciate her work a lot!

sandra juto, illustrator&graphic designer from sweden

sandra lives in gothenborg, sweden.
she has her own place where she collects
some of the picture she takes and illustration,
crochets, her everyday life and everything inspire her...
if you wanna see more of her style, pls visit her personal site.