martedì 28 ottobre 2008

jek in the box. from LA.

i knew that, before or after,
i'd have add some picts of her lifestyle.
she's eclectic... art crafter, creative, photographer.
she's full of life, she's such an interesting person.

she lives in LA. i don't love particularly LA
but i would really come back just to meet her, someday.
enjoy jek in the box.

2 commenti:

jek-a-go-go ha detto...

i am extra flattered! i think you could love l.a. if surrounded by the right parts! the creative parts. the good people parts! there is much i do not like, too much, but mostly that is perspective! Happy New Year!

thank you.

cicabum ha detto...

i'm so happy you left me a comment, thank you a lot! i admire your work so much! :)