martedì 12 maggio 2009

max verrone, a graphic visionary from italy.

i post "balloon" as first,
'cause it's the last one he does...

...but "dear rainbow" is my favourite.
this one is called "birdcage" and it was made
for claudia's brand new home.
"just before" is dedicated to me... what an honour!

and "vicious circle"... an 8 pieces series:

he's max. he's my hubby. he's the sweet father of my little son.
he's such a great art director working (hard!) for an adv agency,
probabily the best one in milan... and in italy.
he also likes to express himself in this graphic way, let's say.
i really appreciate his stuff that's why i guess i can add them into my blog...
i mean, he deserve it! ;)

"davide is dreaming" is a series dedicated to davide...
i've already post it sometimes ago.

2 commenti:

matchstickgirl ha detto...

Max is brilliant !!! i love his work too !!!
i especially love "the vicious circle" and "clouds"
inspiring !!!
i wish i could see you guys again soon


max verrone ha detto...

thank you,
i'm so proud to be published
on your wonderful blog!

love, max