martedì 20 ottobre 2009

emily chalmers, stylist&art director from london.

this is her style:

this is her site, blog includeed.

emily's doing exactly what i wanna do
in my next future life. (hoping soon.)
what i mean?
i mean i wanna be free.
free to be myself, free to convey my own expertise
as an art director in milan into a new personal
- life and workwise - experience.
i'm dreaming to have the chance to be an art director,
graphic designer and stylist as well as to be able to sell my own stuff
or everything i appreciate coming from across the universe.
i'd like to sell a style. my style.
emily's taste is amazing, i appreciate her work a lot,
even if my own one of course is different.

she's giving me the propel to go on.

her shop:
3 redchurch street
shoreditch E2 7DJ - london
tel: +44 (0)20 7033 3532

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matchstickgirl ha detto...

what a wonderful find Emily is!!!

but you are also as inspired and inspirational ...looking forward to seeing all the new Silvia works

beautiful things