lunedì 8 febbraio 2010

lisa corti, textile designer from milano.

lisa was born in asmara (ethiopia)
where she lived up to when she was 19.
the beauty of the african people is imprinted in her memories:
their ancient decorative tradition
and the brightly coloured costumes worn by the local women.
these recollections all naturally belong
to her cultural background.
Afte, she started a long series of passionate trips
and long stays discovering the ways of life and lifestyles
of villages and cities in the various regions of india.
since then, lisa has carried out an in-depth search
on the wide range of fabrics and patterns
in various areas of india,
creatively transforming her designs,
materials and colours in an infinite number
of objects and articles
intended as house decorations and furnishings.
nowaday she's the owner of many shops over the world.
one is just closed to my house:
lisa corti emporium - via lecco 2 - milano.

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