lunedì 26 gennaio 2009

cocorosie, american sisters from paris.

bianca casady's art
bianca casady's art
bianca casady's art
bianca casady's art
bianca casady's art

cocorosie is an american duo based out of france and formed by sisters
bianca leilani "coco" and sierra rose "rosie" casady in 2003.
sierra and bianca casady are part native american sisters.
sierra, the older of the two, was born in iowa, and bianca was born in hawaii.
their mother nicknamed them rosie and coco, respectively,
from which their musical act takes its name.

their mother, a teacher and artist,
would compulsively move the girls across the country
from one state to another.
their estranged father traveled around the usa
teaching in steiner waldorf schools,
and was involved in shamanism and peyote religion.
sierra and bianca spent their summers
hiking from reservation to reservation with their father.

when sierra was 5 years old and bianca 3,
their parents divorced.

in 2000, at age 20, sierra moved into a tiny apartment
in the montmartre district in paris,
to pursue a career as an opera singer, studying at the conservatoire de paris.

during this period, bianca studied linguistics and sociology,
and pursued her passion of visual arts and writing.
she also collected a variety of tattoos,
and was known to attend controversially "ironic,"
white-held "kill whitey" parties in williamsburg, brooklyn.

in 2003, bianca was growing restless and decided it was time for a change.
she left her apartment in brooklyn to travel the world.
unexpectedly, she showed up at sierra's apartment in paris.

over the course of the next two months,
the women spent nearly every waking hour in sierra's apartment.
soon, they had completed both a hip hop recording (never released)
called "word to the crow" and their proper debut album “la maison de mon rêve”.

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