mercoledì 4 febbraio 2009

yui taniguchi, illustrator and crafter from japan.

this time i'm gonna post something

that i hadn't in my mind before or that i found everywhere on the net.
i mean... it was something that came to me
through a nice postcard i've received directly on my own office desk.
i felt the illustration so familiar that i suddenly decided to post it on cicabum.
it traces out exactly the mood i've in my mind for kids and their world.
the perfect combination of a france taste and a sophisticated japan touch.
have a look, then it'll clear up what i'm trying to explain.

yui left japan for paris in 2000.
she is working both with illustrations and her knitted art
and has done several exhibitions over the years.
her work has been exposed both in paris and in japan
and she has also contributed in magazines like milk, dong as well as on euro news.
for more information, u can visit tremplapin.

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