martedì 24 febbraio 2009

paula sanz caballero a textile design, from spain.

when you first see photographs of work by paula sanz caballero
it's hard to see why it would be categorised as craft,
they look like normal illustrations.
but take a closer look and you'll see that the glamorous people
featured in her pieces have been made
using swatches of fabric and embroidery.
it's like the tiffany diamond of applique.

paula is a fabric artist based in spain,
but she started out as a painter,
until the late 90s when she started experimenting
with fabrics and embroidery.

this medium eventually took over her work
and now she produces pieces for high profile clients
such as bloomingdales and harper collins.
she's also appeared in top end fashion publications
such as vogue and elle.
her characters are high society types
with stick insect bodies dripping in jewellery,
nd the images are dark and ironic.
the attention to detail on the faces
and outfits is incredible. very inspirational.

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YOU LOOK SO FINE ha detto...

Bravissima, avevo provato a usarla per una gara con Francesco. No vinta, no Caballero, sigh sigh.